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Discovering The Music Of The Middle East 1968

Animation description:

The tradition of Mideast music dates back to the 7th-century movement of the conquering Muslims. The program illustrates two forms: classical or court music, and folk music, which is frequently accompanied by dancing. Common instruments include the oud, durbaki, dumbek, quanun, and santur. Shows the influence of the music on European composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Khachaturian, Mozart, and Beethoven. From the Discovering Music series

Traces the history of Middle Eastern music, introducing such instruments as oud, santur, qanum, cimbalum and dumbek. Demonstrates the concepts of highly ornamented melodic lines and asymmetrical rhythms. Combines dance and music. Includes discussion guide.

Run time 20:05
Producer Phoenix/BFA Films & Video
Production Company A-BARR, LLC (Barr Media Group - Barr Films) CA (800)240-7400
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Language English